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8 Kinds Of Ladies Who can Never Be Married

Someone made a joke the other day and said
 "At the age of twenty girls are looking for a Financially stable,  and healthy man, while at the age of forty they are just looking for any breathing creature with the likeness of a man"
 I don't know how true it is but I feel there is a sense of truth in it, you tell me in the comments section below. One thing with men when it comes to choosing a life patner is this that they are really considerate. They do a lot of screening, on the  character traits of a given lady before settling down and making a decision to get married to her. A lady  may be a very close friend to many potential men, but lack one to marry her, simply because of some few behaviors. Here are some of the things which make men black list you from their life partner choices without informing you! 

1. The Ever Talking

Men generally like ladies who listen more and talk less. The main idea of having two hears and one mouth was to give human beings the ability to receive more and give less in return. The ladies who are ever steering and chairing stories are less likely to be trustworthy with personal issues of prospective husbands,  And few men will be willing to get hooked to such!

2. The Lazy

The fate of most of this kind of ladies is always "Use and Dump" Many guys will come to your life if you are such kind of a woman and the best they can do to you is to misuse and ambadon you on allegations that you are not worthy them or you do not respect them. Its not that you do not respect them but that you are lazy! If you are unable to manage your own affairs, no one then can allow you to manage theirs.

3. The Naive

 Being naive simply means being uninformed and not willing to invent. There are ladies who are just blunt when it comes to some common items like phones, tabs, I pads e.t.c. Just Few men will be willing to cop with a lady who can not use Samsung S4 device to make a call. She is kind of addicted to the ancient Nokia 1205. Ladies who can not use a laptop, or are neither active on twitter or on Facebook or even those without Email addresses  risk loosing potential husbands.

4. The Angry

No body is at any time willing to collect lost tampers. Ladies who lose their tampers easily and get mad over issues to the extend of acting are even not worthy the title. They can best be branded as Women! Unless you are getting married to a Boxing champion; who will need you for trainings, forget about marriage. I mean Who is willing to be battered by his wife anyway? Who is willing to urgue with a sad person who is breaking glasses all over? I bet no one! Manage you tampers first, I recommend a prayers from a pastor!

5. The 'Always Begging'

All men are alergic to the "give me Mentality" Though they look like they enjoy their giving habit, the truth is that they do not! They expect a responsible person who is able to receive and give. Some ladioes never offer to pay any bills even a single cent

6. The untidy

Someone showed me this picture of a ladies desktop in contrast with her room! Well For a lady to hjave a bedroom like the desktop below, then they rea just another bother to men. Am certain they will ever be in quarrels with their husbands over, unattended dishes and dirty bed sheets

7. The 'Ever on the phone'

How often are you receiving calls or whatsapp messages when hanging out with friends? Are they spending their time waiting for you to finish sending that text? Just be sure that you can not convince anyone who sees you frequently on phone, that you are not hooked up.

8. The liars

If there is any risky thing on earth then its lying. Whoever does not speak the truth, makes themselves vulnurable to exposure! Once a man has lost trust in you, then it is really hard to take you back to his list! Maybe you get saved!!

Finally What Do you say about this Picture? Give the story on the comments Section Below!