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Have you had any of these dreams?

Quite often than not we have had dreams and have been wondering what they are all about. Below are some dreams and their interpretation. If you are a Christian then this is for you. You can understand what is happening around you by decoding the dream you had in the night. Please distinguish the three sources of dreams so that you can understand the weight to put on them.

 Sources of Dreams

Your dreams can come from 3 sources:
- God
- Satan
- The flesh
When a dream is from God, it Encourages, Assures, Comforts, Directs, Instructs, Guides, Corrects, Reveals

When a dream is from the enemy, Satan, it is Absurd, Mysterious, Unreasonable, Confusing, Terrifying

When it comes from your flesh, it generally mirrors what's been occupying your thoughts throughout the
day, e.g. Negative news from the media, Idle conversations etc.

1. Water Dreams:

 When you see stagnant water in the dream, this represents lack of the moving of the Holy Spirit in your life. It also means lack of progress. You need to review your spiritual life and pray against the spirit of lukewarmness.

2. Hair

  Hair  represents the glory of God. If you find your hair removed or shaved in the dream, you should address it aggressively. It means your glory has been spiritually withdrawn.

3. Traveling on an endless journey

You are engaged in unprofitable endeavors.

4. Being driven by unknown persons to an unknown destination

 This represents a confused and profitless life. Ask the Holy Spirit to unseat all unprofitable drivers and make His way plain for you.

5. Doors closing before you enter

This represents the spirit of “almost there”. You need to begin serious praying against blockages at the edge of miracles

 The following dreams indicate that one is under the attack of the spirit of poverty, debt and financial hardship spending money lavishly
  1. Seeing yourself buying things especially after a financial miracle 
  2. Wearing rags or tattered shoes
  3. Walking around barefoot
  4. Having products you are not able to sell
  5. Seeing your property being auctioned
  6. Seeing your pocket or purse leaking
  7.  Lost substantial amount of money and never found it
  8. Thieves breaking into the house and stealing things

6. Having Sex In the dream

  If you Find yourself having sex in the dream whether with someone you know or not,  You may possibly be sleeping with a spirit. Financial Problems will Follow you or you may not have power to conceive. Such People experience marital problems without good reasons.

7. Having Lost shoes

 Look Carefully on your marriage or relationship. You may be loosing your patner to someone else or may be finding it hard to get a person to marry.

8. Sitting in your Former office or in Classroom wearing School Uniform

This kind of dream commonly means that you will be treated as a school child in the current life. I mean people will be looking at you from the point of a school child. They won't trust you with much even though you are grown up.

9. Snakes In the dream

This show that there is witchcraft power working against your destiny.

10 . one recurring dream

If you have discovered that anytime you want to touch or start something good, a partcular dream comes up which always results in rendering all your efforts futile, you are suffering from what we call "The
Demonic Stabilizer."

More In Part Two!
Ha! Ha!  guys ussually have funny dreams.. Please post the dreams here we will be putting down what they imply soon.
Again note that depending on the source of dream the meanings may be different. Think twice before you take action. for this reason I cite " Christians first".

The information here is not a fact! Its subject ti variations since the devil varies with time. Again it does not constitute to professional advice.